Helping The Animals Part Two

We are very happy with how our 20% project has been going! As you know from my previous blog, every week I am going to be taking pictures and video of the shelter animals and uploading them to the shelters website. We have already talked to the people at the shelter, and soon we will begin taking the pictures!

I feel excited, happy, and interested about my project. I feel excited because it is almost time to start taking the pictures! I feel happy because I can’t wait to start making an impact on the animals lives. Finally, I feel interested because I want to learn more about animals that are in shelters.

We have many major deadlines in our project. By the end of November, our goal is to have gone to the shelter at least once. Since we have talked to the shelter, we know we can achieve our goal. We hope to go to the shelter soon. Thanks for reading my blog! Adam Foster via Compfight


Sleeping Goldendoodle dog


See my Visual Aide for more information.

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