If I could go anywhere in world, I would want to go to Hawaii.  I would want to go to Hawaii because is very pretty. Also, the weather there is great. This would be a very fun vacation because there are many different fun things to do in Hawaii. I hope that someday I will get to go to Hawaii.

One of the bad things about going to Hawaii is that a plane ride from here to Hawaii would be about 13 hours! Also, the plane would have to take 1 or 2 stops along the way. That is a very long time to be on a plane! In the end, it would probably be worth it.

If I ever get to go to Hawaii, I would want to go snorkeling. Hawaii has very clear water, so it would be great water to snorkel in. While snorkeling, it would be cool if you could see coral reefs and sea turtles. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

Hawaii Sunsets
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Helping The Animals Part 3

As you know from my previous blogs, I am going to be working with an animal shelter to help get animals adopted. I am going to be taking pictures and videos of the animals and uploading the pictures to the animal shelters website. We are a little bit behind on our project because we sent an email to the animal shelter, but we haven’t gotten a response yet.  Since we haven’t gotten a response, we haven’t got to go to the shelter. Hopefully we get a response soon, because if we don’t get a response, we cant go the shelter and help the animals. As soon as we get a response from the shelter, we will begin taking the pictures. I hope we get a response soon!

  Paisley - Paws n' Time Canine Rescue Rob Swatski via Compfight

Holiday Traditions

My favorite holiday is Christmas. We have many traditions that we celebrate throughout the holidays, and I will be sharing 3 of them with you. The first tradition is my favorite! Every year on Christmas Eve, we go ice skating. We go to an Ice Skating Rink in down town Cincinnati. Afterwards, we always get hot chocolate! I love this tradition and I hope we do it for many years to come.

Every year, my family makes a gingerbread house. We use all of our favorite candies! After we make the gingerbread house, we set it out and use it as a decoration for a few days. After about 2 or 3 days, we eat it! It always tastes very good! This is a fun tradition!

The final tradition that I will be talking about is our Christmas trees! In our house, we always have 3 Christmas trees. There is a small one in my bedroom, one in our living room, and one in our foyer. Every year, I decorate the one in my bedroom, my mom decorates the one in the foyer, and my whole family decorates the one in the living room. It is very fun to see how all the trees look in the end.

Image result for gingerbread houseGingerbread house

Helping The Animals Part Two

We are very happy with how our 20% project has been going! As you know from my previous blog, every week I am going to be taking pictures and video of the shelter animals and uploading them to the shelters website. We have already talked to the people at the shelter, and soon we will begin taking the pictures!

I feel excited, happy, and interested about my project. I feel excited because it is almost time to start taking the pictures! I feel happy because I can’t wait to start making an impact on the animals lives. Finally, I feel interested because I want to learn more about animals that are in shelters.

We have many major deadlines in our project. By the end of November, our goal is to have gone to the shelter at least once. Since we have talked to the shelter, we know we can achieve our goal. We hope to go to the shelter soon. Thanks for reading my blog! Adam Foster via Compfight


Sleeping Goldendoodle dog


See my Visual Aide for more information.

If I Was Principal For A Week……

If I was principal for a week, there are MANY things I would change. Something I would like to do is let us have recess. We work all day, so sometimes we need a break. We do not get enough exercise throughout the school day, so recess gives us time to exercise. I think having recess would be a GREAT idea.Image result for should kids in middle school have recessRecess

If I were a teacher, I would LIMIT the amount of homework. I know that kids need some homework, but I think we should only get a little bit. What I would do, is I would give the kids work to do in class, and if they don’t finish it, they would have to do it for homework. This way, they should only have to do a little bit of homework. When they would get home, it would only take them about 15 minutes to do their homework, then they can relax and spend time with their families. Kids are at school for about 7 hours each day, so they shouldn’t have to do more when they get home! I think this is a great idea.Image result for less homework


Less Homework


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It was October 31, Halloween night. Morgan and six other friends went to a haunted house. They were SO exited because it was supposed to be the scariest haunted house in the world!  They had heard that on Halloween night, this place would be crowded and chaotic, but they really wanted to go because this is the last night it was open. It started at 12:00, so they all left at 11:00. When they got there, they were shocked! There were only 5 cars in the parking lot! The were kind of confused, but they went in anyways. When they got in line, there were only four other people waiting, so in total there were 10 people. The worker came out and said

¨ Next! I need eight people!¨

Her friends were rushing in, but Morgan couldn’t get in!  Eight people got in before she could! That means she would have to wait for the next time, and has to go with a stranger!

¨ Do not worry¨ The worker said ¨You can go next time. They will only be in there for 15 minutes! I know you do not know the person you will be going with, but it will be fun to meet a new person!¨

Morgan was mad at her friends for betraying her, but she tried to make the best of it. She tried to talk to the man she was going it with, but whatever she said, he would not respond. He would just stand there, with his black hood pulled over his face. She thought this was kind of weird, but she just ignored it and waited for her turn.

Fifteen minutes passed, and her friends came out. They couldn’t wait to tell Morgan how fun it was! They were exited to tell her, but when they came out, she was gone.

What do you think happen to Morgan? Tell me in the comments!                                                                                           Story 2

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Not such a treat: Childhood ailments such as coughs, sore throats and fatigue may be caused by the consumption of dairy and sugar before bed

To get these pictures I used 

Comment Challenge


Commenting Part 2

For my comment challenge, I choose to comment on Her blog is very cool, so make sure to go check it out!

I commented on her blog because it was about cheer. I also do cheer, so I can relate. My comment was: I also do cheer! I have been doing cheer for 4 years. Stunting is my favorite too! I am a base. What are you?

This was a good comment because I made a highway comment. She can respond to this, and keep the conversation going (she has not responded yet!). I made sure to comment on something I could relate to, so that way it was easy to make a good comment!

I hope this helped you with commenting! Thanks for reading my blog! My new Macbook ProCreative Commons License Marius Brede via Compfight

Helping The Animals

This year in our class, we are doing something called a 20% project. For our project, we must do something to help the community. This project is a big deal. We do it until May! My partner and I meet up every Friday to discuss what we will be doing next. Working on our 20% project is very fun, and I always look forward to doing it!

For our project, my partner and I are working with the Kenton County Animal Shelter. Once a week, we will be going to the animal shelter and taking pictures and videos of the animals. We will try to take the best pictures that can, and upload them to the shelters website. We hope that by doing this, we can help get more animals adopted.

My partner and I both love animals, so that is why we choose to work with an animal shelter. We cant wait to put our idea in action. We hope that the animals benefit from our project. Thanks for reading my blog!RexCreative Commons License Charles Hutchins via CompfightRob Swatski via CompfightCreative Commons License Erick Pleitez via Compfight

Halloween Poem and Plagiarism


pougnol via CompfightBrandi Korte via

It was Halloween night

Everyone must leave before it is to late

They explored inside the haunted house

As they turn every corner, fear build stronger inside

Jack-o-lanterns light up the night

People were screaming in fear

They were screaming so loud that you could hear it from mars

There was no turning back now



To plagiarize means to use another persons work and publish it or call it your own.

How NOT to plagiarize:

Step one: Find the thing you would like to use

Step two: Copy the web address at the top of the page

Step three: Put the thing you would like on the page

Step four: Paste the web address on your page

Step five: You can post what you want because you have gave credits!

To plagiarize means to use another persons work and publish it or call it your own.

Hopefully my tips helped you understand plagiarism! Thanks for reading my blog!






















My Avatar

This is my avatar. I used Face Your Manga  to make it. I choose this website because it was easy to use and had tools that could make it look very detailed so your avatar could look more like you. The hair on my avatar is basically the same as my actual hair, except my hair is a little bit more blonde. My eyes are blue, just like my avatars. I choose a pink background because pink is my favorite color. I think my avatar represents me very well! My favorite part about making my avatar was choosing the outfit. There were so many cool ones to choose from! Making my avatar was very fun! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!