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By: Skylar C

My passion is competitive cheer. I’ve been doing cheer for 4 years. I started cheer when I was 5. I took a break for a while and did gymnastics. Then, when I was 9 I started cheer again (but I still do gymnastics too). Doing gymnastics helps me with cheer because in my routines, I have to tumble. I love cheer and plan on doing it for many years to come!

My favorite part about cheer is going to competitions. At competitions, we normally compete really early in the morning! After we compete, I like to watch the other teams and see their routine. By then, it is about time for awards. Awards are so fun! Everybody is very excited, but nervous at the same time. When awards are over, me and my friends normally go back to the hotel and swim! I love competitions so much!

My first year of cheer was when I was five years old. I cheered for a football team. When I was nine I did cheer for my school. I cheered for a basketball team. When I cheered for football and basketball, we came up with our own cheers. When I was ten, I started competitive cheer. In competitive cheer, we don’t do cheers, we have routines. In our routines, we have tumbling, jumps, stunting, pyramid, and a dance. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to do these skills, but when you learn how to do them, it is definitely worth it.

I have tried many other sports, but cheer has been my favorite. I love cheer and everything about it. Cheer is definitely my passion!Creative Commons License Walter via Compfight

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